Automatic Weapons -
EP Promo

Direct Hit! -
Leaked Album Promo

Nowhere -
Album Promo

TurnStyle Films -
2015 Reel

TurnStyle Films -
The Making-of-Doc for Unending Everliving

The Naked Zinester -
Deleted Scene

A.K. Snyder -
Behind-the-Scenes TurnStyle Films photoshoot

Telstar -

Cleveland International Film Festival -
Draw Hard Interview

TurnStyle Films at a Q&A with Ted Hope, Spike Jonze and Lisa Cholodencko

TurnStyle Films -

Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library -
Promo Video

TurnStyle Films -
Thank You Video

Blood donuts.

All Dinosaurs -
The Castle of Uncle Robert video premier promo

TurnStyle Films -
Speed Ramp Test

TurnStyle Films -
The Red Epic test footage

TurnStyle Films / Sickening Pictures
Tex Montana's Bean Bucket Challenge

TurnStyle Films -
Ralph is hit in the face with a leaf blower

Ghost Noises -
A Special Message

TurnStyle Films -
Lighting Test for Unending Everliving

Ohio Sky -
Album promo for The Big Distraction

Direct Hit! -
Album promo for Wasted Mind

Onlooker -

The Red End -

Consequence of Love

TurnStyle Films -
Best of CLE 2015 promo

The Velvet Wasp -

Draw Hard -