Dragon's Milk: "The Evolution" mini-doc

Over the years, New Holland's bourbon aged brew, Dragon's Milk, has become their biggest seller. It defines their brewery and has made them into what they are today. The story of Dragon's Milk's evolution is a one that NHB wanted to share with the world. We produced this video in partnership with Ask & Ink Media, which was accompanied by two smaller social media clips.

New Holland Brewing Company
Ash & Ink Media

Barrelworks Clip



BOLT EXPRESS - Marketing Videos

Bolt Express is a North Western Ohio Logistics company that contacted us to produce a series of marketing videos focused on the hiring of new emploees and company culture.

BOLT - Employees

BOLT - Drivers

BOLT - Customers


Anti-Flag "ANTI" Series

Anti-Flag has spent over twenty years creating socially conscious and timely punk rock music. We were honored to collaborate with A-F Records and Anti-Flag, producing a short video series focused on different social issues, in response to the results of the 2016 Election.

ANTI: I AM Anti-war

ANTI: I AM ANTI-classism

ANTI: I AM ANTI-violence

ANTI: I AM ANTI-islamophobia